Recommended Reading

This is a list of books that I have read over the years and liked well enough to read again, or to keep on my shelves to one day read again. So I thought I’d recommend them here. I’ve broken this down into the following categories: Bible Studies/Reference; Christian Non-Fiction; Christian Fiction; Secular Non-Fiction; Secular Fiction. This list will no doubt continue to grow as this blog continues.

Bible Studies/Reference
Believer’s Bible Commentary by: MacDonald, William
Encountering the Old Testament by: Arnold, Bill T. & Beyer, Bryan E.
Expository Dictionary of Bible Words by: Hendrickson Publishers
Wycliffe Bible Dictionary by: Hendrickson Publishers

Christian Non-Fiction
Mere Christianity by: Lewis, C.S.
Tortured for Christ by: Wurmbrand, Richard
Heaven by: Alcorn, Randy
Slumber of Christianity, The by: Dekker, Ted
Experiencing the Resurrection by: Blackaby, Henry & Melvin
Revolution in World Missions by: Yohannan, K.P.
Foxe’s Christian Martyrs by: Foxe, John
Biblical Basis for Modern Science, The by: Morris, Henry M.
Spiritual Disciplines Handbook by: Calhoun, Adele Ahlberg
Forged by Fire by: Reccord, Bob
Sense and Nonsense About Prayer by: Strauss, Lehman
Gifts and Ministries of the Holy Spirit, The by: Sumrall, Lester

Christian Fiction
Gifted Sophomores, The by: Blackstock, Terri
Left Behind (series) by: LaHaye, Tim & Jenkins, Jerry B.
Shack, The by: Young, William P.
Black by: Dekker, Ted
Red by: Dekker, Ted
White by: Dekker, Ted
Green by: Dekker, Ted
Chronicles of Narnia, The by: Lewis, C.S.
Hobbit, The by: Tolkien, J.R.R.
Lord of the Rings, The by: Tolkien, J.R.R.
Faith of My Fathers by: Austin, Lynn
Wrinkle in Time, A by: L’Engle, Madeleine
Atlantyx by: Dalton, Chase
Obsessed by: Dekker, Ted
Showdown by: Dekker, Ted
Saint by: Dekker, Ted
Sinner by: Dekker, Ted
Thr3e by: Dekker, Ted
Adam by: Dekker, Ted
Bride Collector, The by: Dekker, Ted
House by: Dekker, Ted & Peretti, Frank E.
This Present Darkness by: Peretti, Frank E.

Secular Non-Fiction
Night by: Wiesel, Elie
Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl by: Frank, Anne
American Inaugurals by: Thomson & Gale

Secular Fiction
Christmas Carol, A by: Dickens, Charles
Lovely Bones, The by: Sebold, Alice
Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by: Taylor, Mildred D.
Macbeth by: Shakespeare, William
Romeo and Juliet by: Shakespeare, William
Midsummer Night’s Dream, A by: Shakespeare, William

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